The NEW Thriving range of booklets focus on skills kids need to thrive in a thoroughly modern world.

The Thriving booklets are available in both a downloadable,  electronic (pdf) version or a hardcopy, that we will mail out.



Parenting for Resilience Workbook

Parenting for Resilience Workbook $25.00

This practical workbook is a fantastic resource fo... more info

Teach your kids to SHRUG! (digital)

Teach your kids to SHRUG! (digital) $18.00

 and 40 more ways to raise your kids to thriv... more info

Coping ebook

Coping ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)

Learn how ... more info

Friends ebook

Friends ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)

Now you'll... more info

Optimism ebook

Optimism ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)

10 essenti... more info

Organising ebook

Organising ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)

As everyon... more info

Relating ebook

Relating ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)
12 essential relat... more info

Unwinding ebook

Unwinding ebook $15.00

Electronic version (pdf)
10 relaxation idea... more info