Talk about staying safe

Staying safe should be a family discussion topic!

It’s important to talk about bullying and staying safe with your kids – of all ages. Staying safe is something kids should hear around the dinner table. Help your kids understand the issue, what it means to be safe and what it means to have your rights of safety violated.

Here are some guidelines to help your talk with kids around bullying: 
1. Use real life examples or examples that appear on the News or in TV programs to initiate conversations.

2. Encourage your children to think for themselves, rather than follow the crowd.

3. Discuss what it feels like to be safe, and what being unsafe may feel like. Recognising these feelings can help them identify if they are being bullied.

4. Make sure kids know who to talk to at school and at home when they feel unsafe. Give them permission to talk.

5. Talk about what they can do if they know someone else is experiencing some type of bullying at school. Bullying exists when everyone is silent so speaking up is the job of everyone. They don’t have to feel like they have to fix the problem, but they can tell someone they trust. This is not DOBBING. It is helping a friend.

6. Talk about how they can become a friend of someone who is being bullied. Children who are bullied are often isolated, or feel alone, so just one friend can be a huge support.