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Parentingideas magazine Issue 10

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Issue 10 of Parentingideas Magazine is out now. You can get you copy here.

• Want an alternative to the BIG birthday bash for your child? If so, you’ll love Michael Grose's article Making children’s birthdays special

• Parentingideas journalist Karen Fontaine has written a fabulous piece on children who go back and forth between two homes.

• If you have an adolescent or a child who is about to hit that stage then you must read Maggie Dent’s article about the nightmare of adolescent sleep. It’s a beauty.

• Technology is an ever-changing landscape. Kidproof’s Catherine Gerhardt helps you stay up-to-date in her informative article about Instagram, the latest social media craze.

• New contributor Angelica Rose has written a great article for parents of children on the autism spectrum develop social skills. Her article -How do you make friends when you’re too busy studying insects? has great friendships ideas for ALL children.

• Is your child ready to attend a funeral? Journalist Kath Walters has written a fabulous piece with practical guidance on the vexing topic of whether to allow children to attend a funeral or not.

• Parentingideas favourite Bill Jennings has written a personal story that’s a great reminder that sometimes great parenting is about simply ‘turning up’ for your kids. You’ll love his important message.

Your copy of Issue 10 of Parentingideas Magazine is waiting for you to collect online.

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