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Parenting pearls from VIP Saturday

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The challenge for modern parents is to prepare kids to lead a sturdy life by assisting them to handle life's downs, while equipping them to make the most of the ups. The development of resilience and character in kids is central to their long-term success and well-being.

Here are five big parenting ideas we discussed at VIP Saturday that will help you raise kids to thrive:

1. Develop a large family mindset.
This will help you give each of your kids the space they need to become independent problem-solvers and develop the resourcefulness to be resilient.

2. Aim for redundancy: Independence and self-help skills form the basis of self-confidence so start handing over personal responsibilities to kids from a young age. Adapt this principle to suit individual needs to kids.

3. Mix challenge with compassion. The authoritative parenting style where there’s a mixture of firmness and warmth produces the best outcomes for kids. Two parents tend to share the good cop/bad cop roles, while a sole parent needs to do both, which is hard work – but doable!.

4. Build rituals that bind. Close families have a strong sense of ritual. Family mealtimes, celebrations and family traditions (including the weird & way out things families do) bring people together and offer children and teens a real sense of security. Adapt rituals to suit your lifestyle.

5. Promote self-regulation in kids. Natural and logical consequences are the tools parents use to develop self-discipline in kids, one the key traits for long-term success. Avoid rescuing kids from self-made dilemmas and other real-life learning experiences.

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