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First born prime minister Mr. Tony Abbott

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Another first born is about to reside in The Lodge in Canberra.

Prime Minister-elect Tonty Abbott joins a long list of first borns who have lead the country. While other birth order positions have sat in the prime ministerial chair, eldest borns are over-represented in the leadership stakes compared to other positions.

Mr. Abbott, the eldest of four very much fits The Hard-Driver first born type. Here's what I wrote about the Hard-driver first born in my book Why first borns rule the world and last borns want to change it:

"Many first borns are achievement-oriented individuals who drive themselves hard and often expect everyone else to work as hard as they do. These first borns are high energy people who it seems just can’t sit still. Not only do they want it all but they have to do it all. They don’t make great team players, as they tend to leave other mere mortals in their wake. As leaders they need to slow down a little to let others catch up – slowing down is something that these people don’t like to do.

If you are superwoman or superman you need to be efficient, driven, uncompromising, determined and able to operate at full-speed. You can pick these hard-drivers easily as during the week they work long, unrelenting hours and on the weekend they go home and run marathons or complete triathlons. Extreme sports were developed with this group in mind. Or they do garden makeovers or renovate their homes. This group is constantly on edge.

 These people need help unwinding. And indeed some never do. If you are married to a HD type then you had better make sure you devote at least two weeks to any holiday as it will take this long for your partner to wind down, but make sure you book a place where there are plenty of activities. Even while relaxing they like to keep moving. These first borns can be exhausting!"

Sound familiar?

From a distance Mr. Abbott seems to fit this bill very nicely. The alpha male, who is achievement-oriented, driven and uncompromising. He may well continue to reinvent himself and become a different type of leader. Only time will tell.

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