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Blog Post Teaser Image I'll come clean! I'm a late convert to emotional intelligence.

I've known about it for some time but I've never embraced it as a parenting concept.......until I attended training in the RULER Program at Girton Grammar in Bendigo earlier this year. 

After five days I was hooked! 

So much so that I travelled to the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence near New York to learn more.

I've been using one of the RULER tools to recognise and regulate my own moods over the last six months and I've learned so much about myself. 

But more importantly, I'm more attuned to my emotional life, and less likely to over-react or have massive mood swings.

As a result I'm much happier, much better to live with and I'm an infinitely better parent as well. 

The tool I'm referring to is the Mood Meter- a deceptively simple but powerful tool that has helped me recognise emotions in myself and others; Understand the causes and consequences of emotions; Label emotions correctly, Express emotions appropriately; and Regulate emotions effectively.

The Mood Meter is designed for kids but it's ideal for parents too. In fact, I recommend that if you want to use it to help anxious, depressed, angry, sad or unhappy kids better regulate their feelings then you need to use it yourself first for at least a month. That way, you'll get a basic understanding of how it works. The bonus is that you'll be happier and easier to live with too!

Find out more about the Mood Meter and other emotional intelligence tools in Parentingideas Club website - the home of emotionally intelligent parenting.

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