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Beating peer pressure

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Some children are more susceptible to peer pressure than others.

Strong-willed kids who know their own minds are generally less likely to succumb to the will of the group, than kids who tend to be wishy-washy by nature.

Early teen boys tend to be more susceptible than most groups to follow the will of the group, particulalry if an early maturing boy leads the way.

He becomes the alpha-male setting the tone for the rest.

Often kids want to say No to a peer's requests but they can be unsure how to do so.

Sometimes it's helpful parenting to give children and young people some lines to help them resist unwanted pressure to conform.

One simple peer resistance technique involves gaining some thinking time.

A comeback line such as, "No, not now. I'll think about it later" helps them buy some time and still maintain credibility among the group.

The parenting trick is seems is that they need to have a line prepared that they can call upon when they are put under pressure.

What comeback lines do you know that you can pass on to your kids?

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