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Parenting is not a popularity contest

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Parenting is not a popularity contest

I did a radio interview earlier today on the subject discussing the notion of being unpopular with their kids.

According to the presenters some parents in their social circle had trouble being saying NO to their kids.

This topic hits at the heart of parenting.

Effective parents aim for respect from therir children, rather than popularity. 

If you want to be popular as a parent, then my advice is to get a puppy. A dog will never reject you and will think whatever you do is great.

As a parent there are times when you have to make decisions in the best interest of kids that they just won’t like.

Kids will often pester their parents to change their minds. It's in the fine-print of the contract that they were born with!

This pestering is very effective in small families as disenchanted voices are easily heard. In large families, dissenting voices tend to be drowned out.

Sometimes this pestering is downright hateful and kids can say the most cutting things to parents who are strong enough to stand their ground.

Teenagers in the 13 to19 years bracket can be the worst to live with. In fact, at times they can be utterly contemptuous of parents who have the temerity to say NO to some of their requests. Many teens think that parents were put on this earth simply to spoil their fun.

BUT teenagers turn into twentysomethings, and usually they’ll thank their parents for having the backbone and maturity to make unpopular decisions that were in their long-term best interests.

Parenting takes backbone, and it takes grit to resist children’s attempts to manipulate you. Some kids are easy to manage. It’s in their nature. Others can be quite persistent….and that’s in their nature too.

But give in to your kids’ continual badgering and you'll make a rod for your own back. Yep, they’ll continue to badger you because they realise their badgering works.

You need to work out a way to resist your children’s manipulating ways so that they learn that NO means NO! That’s final….and you don’t much care if they don’t like it or it!

You may care...but you shouldn't let you kids know.

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