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The trolls inside

Blog Post Teaser Image Trolls are part of ancient Nordic culture. They inhabit the world of folk and fairy tales. Trolls lived under bridges and in dark places. Short, hairy and ugly trolls were rarely seen however just the thought of them was enough to send shivers down the spine. As a kid you had to be wary of trolls.

Now the worst trolls live inside children's heads. The voice of insecurity, self doubt and fear is the worst troll of all. This is the troll that kids have to be most vigilant about.

It's the job of parents to help kids defeat trolls. Kids need to face them to defeat them. That's not easy.

Don't let them feed the troll with doubt and negative self-talk.

Don't let them be trapped by the troll. Inaction through fear is what a troll loves.

Help kids be brave and tackle their fears rather than be held back by the troll inside their heads.

Action is the troll's worst enemy. It hates kids tackling their fears.

Help them be brave. Help them feign confidence. Help them do.

That's how they will defeat the troll inside their heads.

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