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Parenting help makes perfect sense

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Many parents, including those at their wit’s end, don’t seek help.

That’s remarkable given the level of discomfort and uncertainty they feel.

Discomfort and uncertainty is avoided by seeking help.

Here are eight reasons to get help instead of waiting:

1. The quicker you act, the easier it is to change things.
2. Many problems, even serious ones, have remarkably simple solutions.
3. Getting parenting advice is not therapy –it’s healthy. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you.
4. No matter how capable and in control other parents look, most struggle at some stage.
5. Times of transition almost always cause struggle. Knowledge about your child’s next stage averts struggle and angst.
6. Your children wants relief as much as you.
7. You’re not alone and that’s a wonderful feeling.
8. Everyone is capable of learning to manage, to better lead, and to improve their situation.

Parentingideas Club provides help for parents.

When you join, you’ll get a Developmental guide straight away which will give you a big picture view of your child’s developmental stage.

On your child’s birthday you’ll get a more specific guide to map out the year ahead, so you’ll meet your child’s developmental needs.

So, the first type of help you’ll get is developmental help.

The second type of help you’ll get is practical help.

We’ve built a website that has literally 100’s of road-tested and researched strategies to help you communicate effectively, boost confidence, get co-operation from kids, build resilience and build strong families. It’s constantly being updated.

The third type of help you’ll get is educational help, where I’ll give lessons, sessions, seminars and other learning activities designed to upskill you on the BEST concepts, principles and skills from Australia and around the world. (I’m constantly sharpening the saw so you don’t have to sharpen yours)

That’s just a start. There are other levels of help but that’s enough for now.

The first decision

The first decision to make is whether you want to seek help (that removes doubt, makes you feel confident; challenges you to do better and even takes you to the edge) or continue waiting.

When you make the first decision, the second becomes easy. It’s here.

If you don’t seek help, I can’t make you a better parent.

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