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Slow parenting

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A fast-paced friend has a 6 month old baby daughter. Her baby has slowed her down. Her life rhythm now fits the sleep,feed,wakeful rhythm of her baby. This is how it should be so that her baby gets what she needs. Parenting is necessarily slow when a baby arrives.

As kids move into school and beyond parenting they become fast-paced. They quicken up their pace just to fit everything in. Days are long and busy. There's so much expected of them.

Most families I meet are fast-paced. Their activity levels are massive. Nothing wrong with that in the short-term, but families need to slow down on a regular basis so people can get to know each other, and so people don't feel so stressed.

Slow Sundays, slow long weekends and slow holidays help take the stress away and give families the chance to get to know each other and even give members the chance to like each other again.

Understanding why, knowing when and working out how to slow things down is part of the art of parenting.

Yes, parenting is more art than science, which makes it individual, intuitive and intelligent.

How do you slow things down in your family?

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