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Helping kids leapfrog difficulties

Blog Post Teaser Image Whether it's going to school for the first time, making new friends or even going to school camp, children often experience difficulties that they need to overcome.

Children's resilience is fostered when they overcome problems and manage unpleasant social situations such as teasing or going into new situations. Protecting kids from challenging experiences robs them of chances to learn, develop and grow.

Here are five great parenting ideas to help kids leapfrog their difficulties:

1. Frame correctly: Frame the difficulty as a challenge rather than a problem. Kids take their cues from their parents so the frame of 'challenge' gives kids something to rise to rather than be overwhelmed by.

2. Coach kids: Talk kids through their challenges, give them ideas to cope and manage. Consider rehearsing some skills or language that they may need.

3. Show confidence: Children generally meet their parents' expectations so make sure your expectations are realistic, positive and supportive of their feelings.

4. Give kids a chance: Allow kids to approach challenges in their own ways without constantly checking on them. Your nervousness is definitely catching. 

5. Celebrate success: Even if they were partially successful, such as they went to school camp for two out the three days, then praise their efforts. They've got a great building block for next time.

The attitude and approach of parents and teachers will determine how successfully children and young people meet and overcome many of the hurdles they meet. That attitude needs to be courageous, sensitive and hopeful that your child will meet, and overccome with assistance, all the challenges they will meet.

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