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Where's your family's happy place?

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Sometimes you hear an idea that stops you dead in your tracks!

That happened to me in a recent conversation … I had with social media consultant Yvonne Adele (you may remember her as Ms Megabyte), the author of .

Mother of three. Yvonne happened to mention in passing that she’d be spending a few days with her kids in their family’s happy place.

“Tell me about that!”

Yvonne told me how her family had a favourite place by the beach that seemed to put everyone in a good mood. (You can read about it here.) It was the one place guaranteed to make everyone.......happy.

Now that’s got to be a good thing.

I began thinking about a key idea I learned from communications guru Michael Grinder. That is, location carries emotional memory.

Let me explain.

Anything we do will have an emotional impact. Most of it is low......because a lot of our daily life is fairly stable and......well, humdrum.

Sometimes things happen to heighten our emotional responses.

For instance, if you hear that a good friend has passed away you’ll become unbearably sad. Conversely,if you suddenly get a windfall of money you’ll be over the moon with happiness.

Down the track you’ll remember exactly where you were when you heard when your friend had passed away, or about your windfall.

That’s because your emotional response had been so heightened that you now have an indelible memory that’s related to the place where you heard that news.

That’s why most people can remember where they were when they heard the news of Princess Di’s passing in 1997.

Location carries the emotional memory.

Spookily, if you revisit the place where you heard that news, you will probably experience that same feeling.
The memory of the emotion lay in the location.

So Yvonne’s family’s happy place was a place where her family had had a lot of happy, fun times.

It carries memories of good times as well as positive emotional memories.

That’s why everyone seems to instantly feel happy when they go there....except of course, for some grumpy kids who’ll be grumpy anywhere they go.....but that’s another story.

So where’s your family’s happy place? Where is it you can go to change the mood? Where is it you can go that brings people together because that place is not only conducive to sharing but it has a history of happiness and good times?

It’s good to figure this out so you know where to retreat to when you want to get some good family mood happening.

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