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Busting a common parenting myth

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Recently, at a conference where I spoke at fellow speaker Karen Boyes told a teacher audience, “Never work harder than your kids.”

I loved the idea!

She was imploring teachers that as facilitators of learning, they needed to step back and allow kids to do more for themselves.

It's the same for parents. I wrote about making yourself redundant in my book Thriving!

We need to step back and allow our kids to do more to help themselves.

We've been trained to work harder than our kids. It's the hard work myth! It's in the psyche of most modern parents.

Most of us work harder than our kids at home. We get them up in the morning when they are capable of setting an alarm clock themselves.
We get breakfast even when they know how to use a toaster safely and they know too well how to pour cereal into a bowl.

We pack school bags even when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves. We make their bed every day!,

We make schoolkids’ lunches, cook evening meals, wash the clothes of teenagers, the list goes on. Phew!! That’s hard work.

If you find yourself working far harder than your kids at home then consider stepping back and letting your kids do some more.

They may not like it at first.

They may even throw a tantrum or two.

And don't fall for the trap that they have too much homework or too many after-school activities to do the basics themselves. If the former is the case, then they may need to be better organised. If it's the latter, then maybe they are just too busy.

You do your kids, and yourself a favour in the long-term by NOT WORKING HARDER THAN THEY DO AT HOME!!!

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