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The Parenting Word of the Year

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The parenting word I've used most in 2014 represents a big theme.

It's a word that I've loved using in talks.

It's the word that should represent the goal of all parents.

It's a word that few people can guess.

That word of course is..............Redundancy.

All parents should be aiming to make themselves redundant in their children’s lives.

I’m not referring to redundant in an emotional sense. We are a mum and a dad….always.

But in an every day, managerial sense we want to make our kids independent of us.

So that means we spend a lot of time teaching kids self-help and self-sufficiency skills inside and outside home.

Many parents are getting really good at this. They are getting the independence message.

But one area where kids most kids are still reliant on their parents is in managing their moods.

Promoting emotional independence in kids is the next great frontier of parenting.

And it’s one frontier I’ll be tackling in my work in 2015.

That is, to develop children’s ability to recognise, manage and regulate their moods and emotional states.

I’ll be starting by introducing the Mood Meter – a fabulous tool for your parenting toolbox.

It’s going to be quite a year.

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