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Who do you turn to for parenting advice?

5 September
Posted by:
Michael Grose

I always get a laugh in my talks when I refer to the fact that sometimes when I opened my mouth to speak to my kids my dad would jump right out of my mouth. Our dads are a type of reference point, whether we like it or not.

A recent British study showed that a high proportion of British dads also turned to their mothers for advice about raising kids. Their wives were more likely to turn to their friends rather than their mothers for parenting advice.

Interesting one.

Can you identify with these findings. In truth we get parenting advice and help from a whole range of places including peers, family, the web, experts and even kids themselves. Yep, if you listen they'll tell you!

So where or who do you go to for parenting advice and ideas? Who is your main port of call? Let me know below? Or you can complete my web poll
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