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Peerenting V’s Parenting

26 September
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Michael Grose

US sitcom Modern Family has a way of getting to the heart of many current family issues.

Main character and father of three Phil Dunphy likes to see himself as a cool dad. He refers to himself as a peerent, rather than a parent. Check out this clip 
He’s strong on relationship-building but not so strong on stepping into the authority of being a parent.

Phil has a lot in common with many modern parents, who like to be good friends with their kids. If you answer yes to these questions then you may be more peerent than parent to your kids.

1. Do you embarrass your kids with how you act?
2. Do you struggle to say NO?
3. Do you avoid discipline or defer it to others?
4. Do you take on your kids problems as your own?
5. Do you give your kids too much of a say in family-life?
6. Do you dress and talk like your kids?

A parent on the other hand:

1. Somehow finds a way to say no to kids.

2. Discovers their backbone and are willing to be the bad guy to their kids.

3. Works by the principle of he or she who owns a problems solves the problem......with help.

4. Feels comfortable with authority and uses it wisely........ but also knows they don’t always get things right.

5. Understands that children won’t always like them. In fact, there are times that kids will genuinely detest them or their actions. Love is shown by being willing to act in children’s best interests.

6. Has their own life separate from their children’s lives.

7. Gives kids sufficient space to solve their own problems and have their own relationship

8. .....doesn’t want to know everything that is going on in their child’s life!
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