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Great parenting is good for kids' mental health

24 September
Posted by:
Michael Grose

A recent Australia study revealed a close link between poor parenting and mental health issues in children.

Research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that children who received unsupportive parenting showed double the rate of anxiety and depression in young people.

Significantly, good parenting was linked to lower levels of anxiety and other mental health conditions.

It seems, that high quality parenting rather than just good enough parenting has a significant impact on children's minds.

Parents who promote children's strengths, social competencies, and promote values such as trust, tolerance and respct for authorities lay the foundations that buffer young people from developing mental health problems.

So often we settle for second best in our parenting, and underestimate the impact of a loving, encouraging, firm parentingf style on kids.

Yep,good parenting matters. It matters a lot!

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