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We have a problem raising young people today

1 April
Posted by:
Michael Grose

We have a problem raising young people today. 

The norms and values that most families practise are not reflected in the broader community. 

Take the use of alcohol for example.

Undoubtedly we have a problem with youth binge drinking in the Australia and the UK. Approximately 30% of fifteen year olds binge drink (five or more drinks in a sitting) at least once a week. The figures are remarkably similar in both countries. 

Most families understand there is a problem with young people drinking yet alcohol continues to be created, packaged and marketed to young drinkers. Alcopops are remarkably cheap, easy to attain and mightily attractive to young people. 

Alcohol use is just one battlefield for parents. The changing nature of the Internet with social networking sites means young people have access to vast, unknown audiences audience in an instant. It is little wonder many parents feel they are fighting an uphill battle when raising and supporting teens.

One of the biggest threats to young people’s wellbeing is when parents feel they are powerless or ineffective. Young people rightfully want to exercise greater power and control over their own lives. It is at this time when parents need to feel confident enough to guide, influence and hand over control when young people are ready.

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