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NEW help for parents about kids & alcohol

28 September
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Michael Grose
Recent brain research has provided solid evidence that the developing teen brain and alcohol don’t mix. The younger that kids start drinking the greater the likelihood they are to be addicted to alcohol. No alcohol for kids as long as possible is the new message for parents. In many ways, this is a hard message to sell to parents as alcohol is so ingrained in youth culture that saying no to young people’s requests can seem like fighting against the inevitable. ‘They are going to drink anyway so what’s the point saying no’ is a common attitude.

Now there is a great solution for Australian parents looking to educate their children and young people about responsible drinking. Drinkwise Australia, an evidence-based, not for profit organization has launched a brand new fully interactive website to give parents access to facts and expert advice about kids and drinking. The website,, is part of the KIDS AND ALCOHOL DON’T MIX campaign that you may have seen advertised on television recently.

The website is fantastic! I thoroughly recommend it all parents and urge both primary and secondary schools to inform their parent communities about it. Parents can go online and select their child’s age and get a comprehensive list of common questions and discussion points, related to their child’s particular age group. Information is organised in the following age groupings - 0-6 year olds, 7-12 year olds and teenagers.

Chris Waters, CEO of DrinkWise Australia, said the website was developed in direct response to research which showed that over half (51%) of parents indicated that they had insufficient tools, knowledge and support to delay the age at which their child first started drinking alcohol. “We created a place for all parents, no matter what age their children, to go with questions and concerns related to kids and drinking. From pregnant mothers through to parents with teenagers, it’s a dynamic on-line community offering expert advice but also the opportunity to share opinions and initiate parent-to-parent conversations.”

KIDS AND ALCOHOL DON’T MIX is a combination of the generational change that DrinkWise commenced last year with its successful KIDS ABSORB YOUR DRINKING campaign which informed parents that children form their attitudes toward drinking from a young age.

Check out yourself and make sure you let your parent community know about it!
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