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Who relies on your child?

17 October
Posted by:
Michael Grose

“What does your child do around the house that someone else relies on?”

I asked this to a mum whose child took little responsibility for himself at school.

The nine year old’s mum admitted that her son did nothing at home to help and no one relied on him at all.

She claimed that he was unreliable and that it was easier and more efficient to do household jobs herself.

The point to keep in mind is that a child won’t develop responsibility until he is given responsibility.

It’s easy to give responsibility to kids who you can rely on. They’ll go ahead and do what’s asked.

It’s tougher to give responsibility to kids who are unreliable because we have to follow through and make sure they do it. 

That’s harder work.

That’s also great parenting!

Check out One Step Ahead for ideas about giving kids responsibility.
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