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It’s not all about you

24 October
Posted by:
Michael Grose

A mother of three told me recently how she was confined to bed for over a month due to a health scare.

Two things improved at the end of the month.

As expected, the bed rest restored her health. Great news!

Unexpectedly, her children did fine without her!

They made their own lunches, cleaned up their rooms, looked after the pets and got themselves off to school without too much trouble.

All of these things she thought were beyond them, unless she was there to supervise.

Nope! The kids stepped up to the plate.

Not out of guilt but out due to sheer necessity.

The eldest child assumed the role of leader (boss!) and made sure everyone pulled their weight.

If something was to be done it had to come from them.

Mum was a little miffed at first as she felt a little redundant, but eventually she felt pleased because that was what she had been trying to achieve for quite some time.

It’s amazing what kids will do when we get ourselves out the way!

Redundancy is what effective parenting is about.

How would your kids react if you were suddenly out of the picture for a time?

My bet is that they would step up rather than flounder as they generally know what to do at home, but sometimes lack opportunity to take a real lead.
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