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Help kids manage anger

6 October
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Michael Grose

Managing anger is the biggest emotional issue that many children face.

Children who manage their anger have a head start on handling fears and other emotions.

Boys, in particular, struggle in this area and benefit from a caring, teaching parenting approach.

Here are some simple parenting tips to help kids manage their emotions better:

1. Help them find the words: Building a socially-appropriate, age appropriate vocabulary for their emotions is a start. “Mad as anything”, “I’m *%$@ off!” “I’m really scared about..” Help them give voice to their fears, sadness and jealousies without having them thrown back in their face later.

2. Help them recognise their emotions: Physical signs differ but generally tense muscles, clenched teeth and tightening of fists are signs of anger. Such self-awareness is tricky but can be helped if you cue them into how they may be feeling.

3. Teach kids to calm down: Deep breathing, thinking of something different and going for a walk are different ways of gaining some calm. Help kids work out their preferred ways to stay calm.

4. Tell kids how you manage emotions: Kids love to hear your story so let them know how you manage sadness, anger and fears when they come along. What tips can you pass on about handling those angry moments. Do you walk away? Do you write a letter of protest? Share your strategies with your kids.

For more ideas to help you help boys manage their emotions, and other boy-friendly strategies go to my website.

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