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From little things big things grow

3 October
Posted by:
Michael Grose

My wife and I planted bunch of bulbs in our garden recently ready for spring.

Some grew straight away. I was thrilled. They looked great.

We continued to tend them as we saw some results!

Others we thought didn’t grow at all.

We were disappointed.

We continued to water them just in case they’d grow!

Just as the early bloomers started to wilt and die the other bulbs started to bloom.

Whew! Glad we didn’t give up on them.

Raising kids is a lot like gardening. You plant seeds and then you wait until they grow.

Some kids are early bloomers and others take a while to shine.

You need to nurture both but it takes a lot of faith to raise a late bloomer.

The key is to keep encouraging and nurturing them even though you don’t see instant results.

That’s the tough part of parenting.

It’s also what makes great parents great!
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