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Raise the bar

3 November
Posted by:
Michael Grose
Do you challenge your kids to extend themselves?

Do make your kids feel uncomfortable because the demands on them are more than they are used to?

Kids need to be challenged from time to time if they are to learn the extent of their limits.

Recently, a mum told me how she challenged her 12 year-old son to raise the bar on his capabilities.

He had to produce a 3-fold travel brochure for school project, which involved a mixture of computer, literacy and research skills.

The time-frame was short and his parents were too busy to help. He became anxious and worked himself in a lather of worry.

His mum adopted a ‘Stop that nonsense. You can do it’ approach.

She admitted to me that she wasn’t sure if he could do the job, but she didn’t let him know that.

He surprised himself by working harder and longer than normal and he produced a fantastic piece of work.

The point was he didn’t know what he was capable of until he was pushed to the limits of his ability and work capacity.

As parents we are protectors, supporters and teachers to our kids..................but we also need to be challengers from time to time so they can see for themselves their real capabilities.

Here are three questions to ponder:
  • When was the last time you challenged your child?
  • When was the last time you gave your child the chance to surprise you?
  • What does your child do at home that someone else relies on?
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