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Subtract 12 to understand your teenager

5 March
Posted by:
Michael Grose
If you want to understand your teenager, subtract twelve years.

A fourteen year old, is similar to a two year old in many ways.

They are both going through a period of brain development where whatever is stimulated becomes hard-wired.

They are both pushing for independence, only the territory where they roam is different. A teenager can roam far wider and also escape online.

A toddler and teenager both push the boundaries to learn about the world, so they respond best to expandable limits.

They both require risk so they can stretch and grow.

They both need stable environments so they can safely explore and experiment in the knowledge that they can return to the safety and routine of home.

They both cause parents to change or adjust their parenting. For toddlers parents must move from soft love to firm love. For teenagers parents must find their backbone and their listening ear.

They are both incredibly difficult to talk with at times, but they also crave closeness with parents.

Childhood is a doddle compared to these two stages.

It's the eye of the cyclone that gives parents a respite and an opportunity to get relationships right that will stand them in good stead during the teenage years.

It's also a key time for you to influence them before they hit adolescence and they realise that you have feet of clay!

OUCH! That can hurt!

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