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Let bad feelings out, to let good feelings in

7 March
Posted by:
Michael Grose

I know many parents are sometimes shocked by what their children sometimes say about their siblings.

In many ways, this is a taboo area.

BUT kids can say some absolutely horrible things about their siblings.

One time, I mentioned to one of children that it must be frustrating having sibling who took attention away from them.

That simple statement opened up the flood gates and a torrent of vitriol flew about that sibling. So much so that I just had to say 'ENOUGH!!'

Two hours later I saw both of them hugging and playing together in a way I hadn’t seen for ages.

It reminded of a comment I heard many years ago - Kids have to let the bad feelings out before they can let the good feelings about their siblings come in.

I’ve always said that there is nothing so bad that thappens in a family that we can’t give words to it, but there are things we just don’t do.

Giving voice to kids' feelings safely is one of the challenges for parents who want to raise siblings to be close.
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