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Help kids ADAPT to difficult situations

10 March
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Children and young people frequently are placed in situations that are not to their liking.

They may have a teacher for a year whom they don’t enjoy; play in a sports team that always loses; or eat food they are not used to on school camp.

Some children are adept at pestering their parents to rescue them or change a situation so that it suits them. This is okay when a child’s physical or psychological safety is at risk, or his long-term harm is imminent if no change is made.

If not, then it’s better for kids' resilience that they learn to cope with these situations themselves.

Kids, when left to their own devices usually develop their own coping mechanisms, and will usually adapt their thinking or their behaviour to deal with the situation that’s not to their liking.

Help your child to adapt to tricky situations, rather than changing the situations to suit them. Flexiblity rather than rigid thinking is needed here.

This may cause some discomfort in both of you in the short-term, but boost resilience for you both in the longer-term.
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