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Influence children's thinking & confidence every day

10 March
Posted by:
Michael Grose

The language of parents that has the greatest and most lasting impact. Parents have two advantages when it comes to putting messages in kids’ heads that stick.

First, we have the advantage of repetition. We spend more time around kids than others do. As we are creatures of habit we tend to say and do the same things over and over.

Second, parents are the most significant adults in kids’ lives, which make us more influential than other people. Upward admiration has its rewards.

Admiration and repetition when combined are potent influencers.

They absorb many of these messages, and we don’t even know it. What sort of messages do your kids hear?

• Do they hear ‘you can do it’ messages or do they hear ‘that’s a bit beyond you’ messages?

• Do they hear ‘life’s exciting and full of opportunity even during a recession’ messages or do they hear ‘life’s a bitch and there isn’t much you can do’ messages?

• Do they hear ‘be friendly to other’s’ messages or do they hear ‘look after number one’ type messages?

Be aware that the messages you give everyday impact on how they see themselves, others and the world. It's quite a responsibility that we have.

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