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Rock star first borns

15 June
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Want to raise a rock star?

Maybe you want your child to be the next prime minister or president?

Or do you want to be the parent of the next big thing in film or on TV?

If so, take note of your child's birth order as that will determine the work they do.

A new study released in the UK revealed that first borns are three times more likely to be in a rock band than any other position. Seconds are more likely to be prime minister and acting is full of youngest borns.

So how much influence does birth order have on children's future jobs? What else is determined by birth order?

Kids are niche marketers. They want mum and dad's attention so they will always find a way to stand out, be different and make their mark. If the first born is the academic one, then the second amy well be a sports star. Birth Order isn't the be-all and end-all though, there are other factors though such as genetics and parenting attitudes.


First borns are achievement oriented, family standard bearers and often perfectionists. They are as likely to be bankers as they are to be band members, but if they are the latter then they will be more likely hogging the limelight than being backstage. They like to lead the way as control is something they value.


Middle borns are very competitive and usually good with people. They are life's negotiators so it's little woder they are more likley to become politicians than other position. They are also more flexible and resilient that other birth order positions which certainly helps in the political arena.


Youngest children learn that they have to perform or else, if they are to stand out amongst the crowd. Television, radio and the stage are the types of places that youngest borns like to struff their stuff. Unencumbered by parental aspirations youngest borns are more likely to succeed in different fields than the rest of the family.  

A child's birth order is determinant, not a fait accompli, of who they become. However, it's a powerful determinant indeed.
It's not something many people are aware of.

Most likely you were taught by first borns, and your lawyer, accountant and your doctor will all be eldest borns.

When you turn on your radio or watching TV  it will be more than likely be youngests who are entertaining you. And the next time you put a tick on a ballot paper the chances are it will be a middle child whom you are voting for.

Birth order has a greater impact on who we become than most people give it credit for.

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: How has your birth order influenced you? How does it impact on your kids?

For more information about how birth order affects your child and how to parent for each position check out my book Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change it. Find out more here.

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