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Building family

13 July
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Our own experiences of family as children are very powerful. Most parents recognise that our own parents lurk within us particularly when we’re under stress or duress. We open up our mouths to speak and our mum or dad just pop out.

I know there were times when my kids were young that I reverted back to my father. I handled conflict like he did, which was to walk away. As it turns out this is not such a bad thing as it’s far safer than staying and lashing out.

But we are not beholden to the past. While the family we come from maybe influential it isn’t as important as they family that we form ourselves.

As adults we form our own family with its own set of values and its own frame, including its unique rituals, traditions and celebrations.

Building family is about creating moments of belonging and building memories. It’s something we do every day as paren.

While it’s important to remember where you come from, it’s better to look forward to the family that you are going to have.
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