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The Thriving! Way

6 July
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Michael Grose
Using large family principles is at the heart of the Thriving way of raising kids.

If we are to prepare children adequately for the future then parents need to take a step back and provide an environment that develops their confidence, their character and their resilience
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It is these three qualities that will enhance children’s prospects of future success in all areas of life, including their relationships, their family and their future working lives.

These qualities don’t develop in a vacuum. They may develop by accident, but I wouldn’t count on it.

They best develop in an environment where parents and teachers purposefully adopt principles and techniques that promote these qualities. Nor do these qualities develop independently of each other.

The development of each impacts on the others. When kids develop a greater sense of self-confidence they usually behave better and they are more likely to bounce back from setbacks, particularly social injustices.


Confidence is about taking your rightful place in the world and grabbing your rightful space. It is about making the most of the opportunities presented to you. Confident kids take more learning risks and are likely to challenge themselves more than kids who are low on confidence. They are less likely to place limits on themselves or their achievements. Confidence is so crucial today as so many kids are anxious and fear failure.( )


Character refers to the attitudes and behaviours a child develops to maximise their success. Personality may attract initial attention but it won’t guarantee success. Character more than likely will. Character has greater substance and depth. The development of depth of character in children is at the heart of effective child-rearing. Character is about doing what's right, not what's easy!


Children need to be resilient. They need to be able to bounce back from life’s bigger and smaller setbacks. They need to experience the gamut of emotions that come with loss, failure, disappointment and other childhood hardships, frustrations and difficulties they routinely face so they learn they can cope when life doesn’t go their way. Resilience is linked with good mental health habits and also with a child’s success. ( )

The truth is we all survive our parents, despite any hang-ups they had.

But some people raise their kids in ways that make them thrive under their stewardship. The Thriving Way is about making parenting growth experience for parents and kids. It’s about removing trial-and-error from parenting, providing guidance and direction based on solid evidence, as well as plenty of practical strategy to help you raise kids that THRIVE!

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