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Get the most from Thriving! The book

5 July
Posted by:
Michael Grose

You can tackle my new book Thriving! in many different ways, depending on your reading style.

You may be the type of person who reads a non-fiction book from start to finish. That's one way.............but there are plenty of other ways to read book.

Here's 5 ways to read Thriving!. You might try more than one to get the most out of the book.

Number 1: Read Thriving! from cover to cover, starting at the front and read every word. Do so with a highlighter in your hand so you can go over the good bits easily.

Number 2: Read the conclusion first. I guarantee if you do this you'll go straight to the Introduction. The conclusion is designed to wrap up and inspire but it certainly captures your interest. Personally, I'd start here.

Number 3: Read the table of contents of Thriving!and then pick out what interests you first. Don't forget to have a highlighter in your hand as you read.

Number 4: Open Thriving! up anywhere and start reading........... This is a great way for reluctant readers to get into the book.

Number 5: Read Thriving! a section at a time. The chapter are divided into four sections so start with the section that either interests you, or defines you or your children's greatest need. Then go to other sections as you see fit.

It helps to share the ideas and strategies that you pick up with your partner or a friend.  This helps the book come alive. It becomes more than just a book when you reflect, discuss and share.

PS: You can get the book here, if you have got one yet.

How will you read Thriving? How have you, or will you tackle Thriving?
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