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Does parenting make you happy?

22 July
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Michael Grose

It's a paradox that kids are supposed to add to our lives, yet on many well-being and happiness scales singles and childless couples consistently outscore parents.

Perhaps it's a case of the rewards of parenting being long-term, rather than the present.

I think it's more about being in the present as a parent, rather than always looking ahead. That only adds to the pressure many parents feel.

When I ask parents how they are faring, I usually get one response.

'I'm busy."

Busy doing what?

It seems we try to fit so much in our days that there isn't a lot of fun to be had in parenting for many people.

It isn't just worry about our children and endless housework that makes many of us anxious and unhappy; it's that we aren't actually having fun anymore.

When you strip fun and enjoyment from any activity then anxiety always increases!

Most parents want their kids to Thrive! Here's what you need to do:

You go first!

Here are three ways to thrive and get some enjoyment and happiness from your parenting:

1. Build regular down-time into your life. Time away from kids helps you enjoy being with your kids.

2. Spend more time with kids and less time on peripheral activities: Okay, so the house may end up messier than you'd like, and the garden unkempt but you may just end up with a smile of your face.

3. Do something that ignites your passions and sparks your interests: If you have something in your life that gives you a buzz and something to look forward to, it's amazing how you can put up with more mundane stuff of your life, including some of the parenting moments that drive you batty!

Methinks one of the secrets of raising happy kids is to make sure we as parents are happy......... and less busy!

What do you think?

Tell me if parenting makes you happy.Go to my poll.

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