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Why boys are so angry

16 July
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Why is it boys are so angry these days? It seems to be one of the biggest complaints I hear from parents and professionals who deal with boys.

There are a number of reasons, however I believe that there is one often overlooked reason that holds the key raising to emotionally stable boys.

There are four BIG emotions that tend dominate our lives - happiness, anger, sadness and fear.

Boys can legitamitely show happiness and anger. That is all the boy/male code allows. When you can't show sadness or fear then everything comes out as anger.

Parents need to help boys tap into sadness and fear as well as anger and happiness. This is done firstly by acknowledgeing those emotions and secondly giving them ideas to help manage sadness and fear.

Of course, boys will show those emotions if there is a male around who can take them to that space. That is a job for dads. But many dads won't acknowledge those feelings themselves.

Tis a hard one but it is the key to reducing anger in boys.

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