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Going overboard on kids parties

30 July
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Interesting statistic on The Age recently. A recent survey in Melbourne's Child, a magazine for parents of young children, found that 47% of parents are considering hiring professional help for their children's next birthday party. What is going on? Outsourcing birthday parties for goodness sake!!

It seems children's parties are so commercialised and that means pressure and expense for parents. Bigger and better every year. It seems to me that we need to relax and provide more simple parties that involve play and simple themes. Kids are pretty good party planners so they need to be consulted as to what they want. Involve them in the process should be the go.

I laughed at the comment reported in The Age of the 5 year old birthday girl whose parents organised a huge party with face painting wizard, a pony, helium balloons and more. It seems her favourite part of the entire wizzbang party were the hot dogs!!!! Mum replied that the party will involve taking three friends to the movies next year. Makes sense to me!

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