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Your voice will give you away

17 January
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Michael Grose

There was a scene in recently released movie The Iron Lady about the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that had enormous relevance for parents who want to establish some authority at home.

When she decided to stand for Prime Minister her minders advised her to change her tone of voice so that she sound more authoritative. Her voice was hesitant and lacked confidence. In effect, her voice gave her away. So she took elocution lessons to sound more authoritative.

Often our voice gives away our intentions as parents. You can’t give an instruction to your kids in the hope that they will comply. It comes out whiny or whimpy. Easy kids may cooperate but strong-willed kids will know you that although you may want it you don’t mean it. You need to sound as if you expect cooperation.

Good discipline makes good use of your voice.

Also try asking how your kids’ day went without displaying any interest and your kids will know you are paying lip service to interest. Your voice rather than your words will give you away.

As I wrote in Best Behaviour we need to pay a lot of attention to our choice of words, but we also need to pay attention to our tone of voice. It gives our intentions away.
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