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Why are my parents so lame?

27 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Most of us start parenting wanting to be cool and understanding of kids. In a way we don’t want to be ‘old’ in the same ways as our own parents. There is a certain part of our own parent (mum or dad) that we want to disown.

There comes a time when your kids will disown you. “Why have I got the dumbest/lamest parents?” seems to be a universal teen question. There are a million variations to this comment including my personal favourite “Do you actually think up ways each morning to spoil my life?” (“Well no, but that’s not such a bad idea” was my reply.)

Parenting teens can make a person feel old and conservative.

In many ways, this type of disownment is a sign that you are doing your job. You are being there, setting some limits and sharing your views that may not be so welcome.
There’s a certain heat involved in raising teens and you need to be able to handle it as hurtful and downright annoying as it is at the time.

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