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The first born & the youngest collude

30 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Ever noticed that first the born kids and youngest kids in a family tend to be the strongest allies?

They often collude with each other to give other siblings a very hard time.

That’s because the first born and the youngest have a lot in common.

They both spend more time alone with parents than other siblings.

The first quite obviously has mum and dad to themselves when young and the last born spends more time alone with parents when they are older.

The first born child and the youngest are also most likely to be the family kin-keeper.
The eldest child will be often be the sibling who keeps the family together once everyone has flown the family coop. The youngest is also likely to do the same if the first relinquishes this role, as he or she has 'lived' the family history more than any other sibling.

Youngests and eldests are less likely to compete with each other for family supremacy.
Physcial maturity usually enables the eldest to rule the roost, while the youngest will generally know his or her place in the family hierarchy and will choose humour, playfulness and attention-seeking to get by.

The first born child gets all the perks & priveleges as well as pressure that comes with being first born and the youngest gets the easy run of having elder siblings break their parents in for them.

Yep, the first born child and the youngest child in your family have more in common than you think.

For more insights into birth order and it’s impact on family relationships read Why first borns rule the world and last borns want to change it or attend my Raising Happy Siblings seminar.
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