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Creatures of habit....... no way!

25 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

We may be creatures of habit, but that doesn't mean we can't change or transform ourselves in anything we do.

Sports people often come to a new season refreshed and with a new focus. Some can seem like totally new players, reinventing themselves by adding some new moves or skills to their repertoires over the off-season.

The same happens in your family-life. You can add some new moves or skills to your parenting so that you start to transform the way you habitually behave.

The trick is to take change one skill, strategy or idea at a time.

I prepared a poster (fridge hanger) that contains 25 Parenting Ideas (skills, strategies & concepts) to help transform your parenting.

You can use it as a simple reminder of what good parenting is (according to me); you can use it as 25 day program focusing on one idea a day (as it suggests on the poster); or you can choose two or three key ideas to focus on over a period of time (at least 28 days) to improve your parenting.

Your choice but make sure you get the poster. It's attractive too!

Get your 25 Great Parenting Ideas poster here.

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