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Boys need space and silence

25 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Boys don’t have the same innate tendency for reflection that girls are born with. Don’t get me wrong, males of all ages have the ability reflect on their behaviours, values and their lives (when older) but they need the environment to be right for them to do so.

Quiet time and down time give boys the chance to let their thoughts wander around inside their heads. It also helps them get to know and even like themselves. Boys will often do their best thinking on their own, so they tend to retreat to their caves (bedroom) when things go wrong at school or in their relationships. They need to go within to find their own answer.

Some boys, like wind-up toys, just keeping going until they run out of puff. They have two switches – fast and off. These boys benefit from some space and silence too. They just can’t stand too much of it.

Space is relatively easy to provide but ensuring silence is the modern challenge. There is noise everywhere. With new technology and headphones it’s in their ears when it never was in the past.

How do you make sure your boys get the silence and space they need to reflect, relax and recharge?

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