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Become a better parent this year

3 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Here are some simple ideas that will help you transform your parenting in less than a month.

1. Do more things with your kids and less things for them this year.

2. Raise your family with a Big family mindset. (find out more in my book Thriving!)

3. Focus on your children's well-being and mental health this year.

4. Make sure kids help at home without being paid.

5. Catch kids being resilient and persistent.

6. Avoid the first impulse when kids misbehave as it will often reinforce poor behaviour. (More about this in my book One Step Ahead)

7. Reward responsibility with greater freedom.

8. Develop good sleep hygeine habits in your kids.

9. Strengthen your family by building a strong food culture.

10. Use a jobs roster to make sure kids help at home.

11. Spend one-on-one pleasurable time with each child each day.

12. Encourage kids to take social risks.

13. Be present mentally when you are with your kids.

14. Practice more shoulder-to-shoulder parenting.

15.Work out  the communication space in your home - that is, the place where you can really talk with your kids.

This is just a sample of ideas to help you become a better parent this year.  One good place to start is to subscribe to my FREE Happy Kids newsletter at and I'll send you a great idea of two each week to keep your parenting on track this year.

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