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Be prepared to answer questions

23 January
Posted by:
Michael Grose

“Where do dogs go when they die?” “Why are clouds white?” “Why do we have to go to school?”

Young children ask plenty of questions. It’s how they find out about the world. Girls will invariably ask more questions than boys. It’s not that they are more curious, they are just more verbal.

Generally the questions just pour out from kids if we provide the time and space for them. It helps if there is someone who can provide answers, or at least part of the answers.

When kids get rushed they don’t ask as many questions. Their curiosity wanes. We don’t value languid, free time enough so we don’t nurture curiosity. That’s okay if you don’t want to answer many questions.

Answering kids' questions can wear you out, but not half as much as encouraging kids' to ask questions. Time, space and a willingness to answer is what it takes to nurture questions. Be willing to answer.


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