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Top five ways to encourage your child

25 January
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Michael Grose

All parents want their kids to develop a strong sense of self-confidence. But how do you go about it? Many parents use praise as their primary confidence-building technique, but there’s a much better strategy you can use to boost kids’ confidence.

Encouragement is a more powerful confidence-building tool than praise and it doesn’t have the adverse side effects of demotivating kids or promoting sibling rivalry.

The differences are slim but important. Encouragement focuses on the process of what a child does whereas praise focuses on the end result.

Here are five ways to encourage your child:

1. Focus on improvement in any skill: “You really have picked up on your reading.”
2. Highlight their efforts: “I can see you really tried hard to get it right.”
3. Comment on their contribution: “I really appreciate your help with cleaning the house. It makes my job easier.”
4. Focus on enjoyment they get from an activity: “It’s great to see you enjoying your jazz ballet.”
5. Show your confidence: “I know you can do this. You’ve tackled hard stuff like this in the past, and you can do it again.”

How many of these encouragement statements do you regularly use? If you aren’t a natural encourager then pick one of these statement types and challenge yourself to use it at least five times a day for a week.

If you do this encouragement will become automatic in no time. Go on, you can do it!
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