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Who are you channelling?

3 February
Posted by:
Michael Grose

I was asked by a fellow recently how he should respond when he found out his teenage daughter was pregnant. I suggested he watch a DVD of the movie Juno and respond like the father in that movie.

Teenage Juno, the main character, fell pregnant and decided to have the child. The way her parents supported her with humour and grace was amazing. The fellow I spoke to needed to channel the father in the movie Juno. He couldn’t go far wrong if he did.

So who are you channelling to help you as a parent? Maybe you channel your own mum or dad, or perhaps that friend of yours who always seems to come up with the right answer.

From time to time I’ve channelled the father played by Michael Caton in the classic Australian movie The Castle. He is naive but he just so accepting of his kids.

I bet most kids would love a dad like that.

So who are channelling as a parent? Pick the right role model and they’ll help you to be a great parent.

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