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Play to your child's strengths

10 February
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Traditional wisdom that we should see all kids as equals. I'm not so sure how healthy families operate.

Rather than treat each child equally, it’s smarter and more realistic to play to each of your children’s strengths.

In many ways parents do this inituitively by signing sporty child up to football, tennis, athletics lessons or any other sport she displays an aptitude for and an interest in.

While at the same time artistic child goes to pottery, painting and ballet classes. We are right to identify and develop their individual talents and abilities.

The trick for parents is to balance kids’ achievements with their own dreams and expectations of children. It’s all very well to cheer the academic success of a high achieving student if a University place is something you value.

The hard part is cheering on the artistic efforts of your more practical child for whom life as a tradesperson is more likely than life in the professions.

If you can get across that you value both as highly then you are truly playing to each child’s strengths.

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