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Boys and testosterone - start the management when young

27 February
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Testosterone is a hormone that makes boys boisterous, competitive and, at times, aggressive. That’s why it needs managing.

Provide positive outlets for boys’ testosterone in pre school and in early primary school. When this hormone is raging in adolescence a boy is definitely going to need some positive outlets or there may be negative consequences if he doesn’t get rid of all his energy.

The learning imprint occurs when young. Teach the young body to enjoy movement and activity so that when he is older it will come more naturally.
  • So get young boys playing active games (running, jumping, climbing) and don’t be afraid to make them competitive.
  • Give boys a chance to play team and group games that encourage friendship and loyalty.
  • Encourage dads to get active and physical with their sons.

We often forget the impact that the early years has on a child’s teenage years so get boys actively managing their testosterone when they are young, and the pay-off will come later.

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