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5 top ideas to raise well-behaved kids

7 February
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Michael Grose

Kids’ behaviour is impossible to ignore......particularly, if it’s poor behaviour. Parents generally feel badly, when their kids behave poorly and family-life can be hard to enjoy when kids continually act up or act out.

Generally, it’s the job of parents to make our kids social and safe. That means, they need to teach kids to behave well (most of the time) around others. Learning to behave well takes time for some kids learn, so you have to work harder with some kids than others.

Effective parents understand that they need to be the 'bad guy' at times, and they have a range of strategies at their disposal to teach kids to behave well.

Here are five practical ways to teach your kids to behave well:

1. Teach kids good manners: Manners is respect in action. They guide kids into appropriate responses in social situations.

2. Catch kids doing the right thing: Most kids want to please their parents so make sure your face lights up and your voice gets excited when they’ve behaved well. Parental recognition is a high driver for most kids!

3. Be a good role model: Kids learn what they live! Most social learning occurs through modelling so make sure your kids hear you speak and act in appropriate ways when you interact with them and others.

4. Practise social behaviours at home:
Want kids to behave well in a restaurant? Then you need to practise social eating habits around the kitchen table. The same principle applies for a range of other social behaviours. Behaviour rehearsal, play acting, role playing, tell me what you'll tell the teacher or however you want to brand has always been a great way of training kids to behave well.

5. Use consequences when kids behave poorly: The link between children’s rights & their social responsibilities is reinforced when parents put (or display a willingness to put) a respectful, reasonable and related consequence into action. Effective discipline techniques in modern schools revolve around consequential learning!

Okay, teaching kids to behave well is actually a range of skills, rather than just one skill. I thought it was so fundamental to effective parenting that I gave it a category on its own. There are heaps more but these are pretty fundamental.

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