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10 emerging trends for kids in 2010

5 February
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Moving from the noughties to the teens encourages us to reflect on the past decade. It’s mind-boggling to think of what’s happened between 2000 and 2009 – think iTunes, cyberbullying and Facebook. It also gives us a chance to look ahead and predict what may happen.

Having been invited to share my predictions for the future for kids in a presentation recently I thought it timely to share them with my readers as well.

1. Sleep deprivation will replace cyberbullying as the biggest threat to young people’s well-being.

2. Technology knowledge will become absolutely integral to children’s achievement opportunities.

3. Childhood anxiety will continue to soar, joining ADHD and Asphergher’s Syndrome as ‘need to know about issues’ for parents and professionals.

4. The number of children living in two households will continue to rise affecting everyone.

5. Volunteering will become more popular as young people look for alternatives to hedonist activities such as Schoolies week.

6. The harm minimisation approach to teenage drinking will be replaced by ‘delay until 18’ reflecting the growing community rethink on alcohol.

7. Personal development will become more important to children and young people, reflecting the desire for personal growth.

8. Learning relaxation, coping skills and personal organisation skills will become imperative for kids' success and well-being.

9. Children will experience tougher parenting as a part of a backlash to the current street violence surrounding young males, risk-taking behaviour and a need for parents to reclaim their place in children's lives.

10. Healthy lifestyles for children – food, exercise, mental health, friends, entertainment–will become a focus for parents, professionals and educators.

These are just one person’s view, but I’m willing to put my reputation on the line and say that these issues will affect everyone who raises and works with kids in 2010 and beyond.

How well-prepared are you for these future developments?

 Comment below on the trends you see emerging for kids, parenting and teaching.

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