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"I didn't know that!"

30 December
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Holidays give parents an opportunity to see their kids in a different light. During the year you only get glimpses of them.

Work and school keeps kids and parents apart.

Suddenly during the holidays you spend more time with your kids.

You may discover that a child is more demanding and harder work than you thought. Those school reports about interesting behaviour are true!!!!

"I didn't know that!"

You may also discover a secret side to your child that you didn’t know existed . A side that pleasantly surprises you!

You may well find a creative, thoughtful, reflective, active, passionate, lovely side that you hadn't noticed. I hope you notice something pleasantly different as it will increase your appreciation and liking for your child.

Keep your antenna up to notice something positive, something different or something really great about each of your kids that you didn’t know before.

Then lock it away.

That knowledge will come in useful when you talk with them about life choices later on.

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